Are you or someone you know in Crisis?

If emergency medical care is needed, call 9-1-1 or go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. 

If you are experiencing suicidal thinking/impulses, overwhelming depression, or another mental health crisis, or you need help with your mental health immediately, call (910) 814-2197 Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm to get connected with someone today.  

 If an individual in crisis has a therapist, mental health provider, or a psychiatrist, this professional is technically the first responder-however, if they are not available in a time of need, do not wait to get them help. 

  • Mobile Crisis Team is a team of trained counselors who will go an individual’s house and provide a face-to-face intervention and help develop a crisis plan for the person or help bring them to a crisis center or hospital if needed. Call1-877-626-1772.
  • CIT Officers–Crisis Intervention Trained. This is an accredited 40-hour training program to help law enforcement (and some EMS / paramedics) deal with individuals with mental health issues. If you call911, request a CIT officer. If an individual is in immediate danger do not be afraid to call 911.
  • Sandhills Center-If a caller has no mental health provider or is uninsured or on Medicaid, and is interested in receiving mental health services in Harnett or Lee County, call 1-800-256-2452 any time, day or night, to speak with a licensed mental health clinician for information. Get emergency and non-emergency assistance, answers to your questions, and/or an appointment with a provider in the Sandhills Center network. When needed, translation services will be arranged through our Call Center or through your provider at no cost to you. For consumers who have a hearing impairment and/or have a speech disability, please call TTY #711 or 1-800-855-2880.
  • Holly Hill Hospital operates independently as a private hospital but often coordinates with Harnett County Crisis and Assessment Services. They offer inpatient and ‘partial-hospitalization’ services for children, adolescents, adults and elderly adults. They can be contacted 24/7 at919-250-7000. 
  • Hope Line You may always reach out to Hope Line if you are unsure of what steps to take or how to get help. We are available to support you and walk you through the steps of getting help for yourself or others. Call919-231-4525 or 1-877-235-4525
  • Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 or send text to 838255